Shri Niranjan Daftari


Shri N. S. Daftary

Member, Bar Council of Gujarat

The crown of Rajkot Bar Association is getting brighten day by day with many gems, under the leadership of various president like late C. R. Maniar, Late Shri M.G.Sinroja etc. It started with a very negligible Members and that also without any library, by this time it has more then two thousand members and a well equipped library, in a specious room with individual tables for readerers Computers, Printers, Xerox, different software like AIR, GLR, GLH etc. for judgment which are donated by several members of the Association of which few of them are:-

  • Late Shri D.N. Vakil
  • Late Barrister Shri M.O. Vora
  • Late Shri N. B. Dave
  • Late Shri Chimanbhai Shukla
  • Late Shri Dhimant N. Bhatt
  • Late Shri Shailesh P. Gosai
  • Shri A.K.Lalani
  • Shri Vakharia Nanalal (BOMBAY).
  • Shri N.S. Daftary and others the unique feature of this Association is that from the date of its inception till today at least one or more of its Members are daily attending different Courts in different District of Saurashtra Area. Second unique feature of this Association is that on any occasion every senior member is ready to render any help, within court or out side court room any help to any junior advocate on any legal aspect even if the junior opposing such senior advocate in any matter.

The Rajkot Bar had nine Barristers as its Members. Now only one of them Mr. Mehta is in active practice. There are few families who have adopted this noble profession as a family profession four-three generation. We are proud of all these families who have adopted profession and contributed their enormous work giving more strength to this Association.  Sons and grandson And grate grandson of Late Hemchand Udani, Late Nihalchand Udani, Manubhai Udani And Hemen Udani, Late Shri K.R.Lalani, Late K.K.Lalani, A.K.lalani and M.A.lalani, Late Shri Ratilal Maniyar, Pravinbhai Maniyar, Ashisbhai Maniyar, Late S.M.kothari, Pankaj kothari and his sons Dhaval and Kunal Kothari, Late S.B.Gadhiya, S.S.Gadhiya, Abhishekh S. Gadhiya and Late Kripalsinghji, Rajkumar Parmar, Rupraj Parmar are some of them.

The office of Rajkot Bar Association was started in old Darbargarh, which was later on shifted to Mochi Bazar and presently situated at New Civil Court Building on High Court Road.  Till the formation of the State of Gujarat, Rajkot being a capital of Saurashtra State was having a High Court of Saurashtra up to 1955.  Thereafter, a sitting of Bombay High Court Bench till 1960.  So the Rajkot Bar Association was the only association who had a “High Court Bar” within the area of State of Gujarat when formed.  After 1960 few young Advocates who rightly thought that their future was more brighter in Ahmedabad had shifted over there. But their relations with this Bar Association are intact today also; let me name some of them: Mr.D.D.Vyas, Mr.Krishnakant Vakharia, Mr.Sureshbhai Shah, Mr.D.U. Shah Etc. Mr. C. D. Parmar members of this association has shifted to Delhi and started his practice in Supreme Court.

This Bar Association has contributed many of the members as Judges of Supreme Court and High Court. Late Hon'ble Justice Shri M.P. Thakkar was not only elevated as a Chief Justice of Gujarat High court but elevated as a Judge of Supreme Court, Former Hon. Chief Justice Shri T.U. Mehta, High Court Of H.P. former Hon. Acting Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court Shri R.C. Makkad, former Hon. Acting Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court Shri R.A. Mehta, former Hon. Acting Chief Justice of Bombay High Court Shri N.J. Pandya, former Late Hon. Justice Shri A.R. Baxi, former Hon. Justice Shri M.U. Shah, were also the members of this Association.  The member’s of this association Hon’ble Justice Shri D.H. Vaghela, Gujarat High Court and Hon’ble Justice Shri Jayant M. Patel, who had shifted to Ahmedabad at a very early age for practice. Hon’ble Justice Shri J.C. Upadhyay, started his practice as a Junior Advocate to Shri M.C. Sayani and was appointed as a Civil Judge Junior Division is elevated to a Judge of High Court of Gujarat. Over and above, Justice Shri S.M. Soni was a student of Rajkot; Hon’ble Chief Justice Ms.Rekha Doshit was also from a family of Rajkot. Justice Shri H.K. Rathod was also frequently attending the Courts of Rajkot. The Rajkot Bar association is proud to have large number of its member on the bench of High court. We wish them all good luck, in health & prosperity and we wish to see them on the bench of Supreme Court in Near Future.

Hon’ble Justice Late Shri N.J. Pandya when he was a District & Sessions Judge for the Junagadh District, had conceived the idea of Lok Adalat and set a milestone by organizing the ever first Lok Adalat of India at Una, which was very successful and was widely adopted by all the concerns, so Justice Late Shri N.J.Pandya is considered as the pioneer of Lok Adalat, who was the members of this Bar Association and we are proud of him.

This Association had organized a Lok Adalat in which Justice Shri Rangnath Mishra, a Judge of Supreme Court, Chairman of NALSA had inaugurated the said Lok Adalat in which in a single day more than a crore rupees were awarded to different claimants for which the media had recognized it as a Crorepati Lok Adalat. Advoce Shri Mihir Dave has floated different running trophies few number to encourage the activities of a Lok Adalat.At the same time Shri Vinodbhai Gosaliya Doneted Rs. 10.000 for Awarding Cup to a Association to dispose of highest no. of cases in Lok Adalat in the Name Of Late Shri Chimanlal NagarDas Shah a senior Advocate.

This Association had organized so many workshops, Lawyers Conferences, which includes a conference and a workshop also at a National Level. The Association had honored its Advocate members who had completed 50 years of their practice and honored the past members who were elevated to the Bench of Gujarat High Court in presence of Hon. Justice Shri M.D. Shah Judge of Supreme Court and Hon’ble Shri Narendrabhai Modi the Chief Minister of Gujarat. In presents of Hon. Mr. C.K.Thakkar Hon. Chief Justice Bombay High Court.

Shri C.T. Parihkh, Late Shri Amrutlal Buddhdev, Shri R.D.Kothari, Members of this association was appointed as a District and Sessions Judge, And Shri A.M.Bhimani is working in the cadder of District and Sessions Judge. Shri A.M.Thakkar, Shri M.P.Sheth, Shri K.K.Dhodakia, Shri K.K.Mairya and N.T.Solanki who were Clarks in Rajkot are working cadder of District and sessions judge. The members of this association namely Bharat Pithva, Shri P.G.Gokani, Ms.Smita Atri, Mrs.Nita Kariya were appointed fast track judges we are proud of all of them.

The Association has its record that the people who worked here as Clerk in Government Service had preferred to join this profession, after getting the degree of LL.B. one of them Shri N.S.Bhatt is not only the member of Bar Council of Gujarat, but  he was also the Vice Chairman of Bar Council of India, Shri M.C.Sayani who held office of the District govt preddor and public prosecutor Rajkot district, Late Shree.C.R. Patni, Shri P.S.Vasvada, Mr. Atit, Mr. Kotecha, etc are some of them we are proud of you.

The advocates Clerks Late Shri Rasikbhai Sejpal, Shri T.B. Gondaliya, Shri S.B. Rathod, Shri Pravinsinh Vaghela, Shri Pranlal Mehta etc. after had after getting degree of LL.B. has joined this profession, they were warmly welcomed.  Shri T.B. Gondaliya, who was appointed as a Public Prosecutor and Addi.Government Pleader for the Rajkot District and also President of this Bar Association, we take note of it. This Association is looking forward to a very bright future of all the above mentioned.

In the Saurashtra area there was only a Law College in the past at Rajkot, so many members of this Association have contributed their honorary services as a part-time professor, Some of them are Shri M.M. Shah, Shri V.P.Khakkar, Shri C.H.Bhimani, Late Shri N.M.Virani, Late Shri V.K.Ganatra these tradition is continued by Shri Deepak Antani, Shri J.G. Shukla, Shri Jatin Thakkar, Tushar Dhrolia, Dipesh Andharia who are contributing their valuable time and services in different Law Colleges.

In the year 2002 in the leadership of Shri N.S. Daftary a National Workshop was organized and most of the members of the Association had made efforts not only to make it successful, but by getting the advertisement which was published in souvenir, a handsome amount was saved and welfare scheme was approved by the general board by appointing a permanent committee under the leadership of Shri N.S. Daftary which is known as “The Welfare Committee”.  Any Member of the Association can voluntary join in this scheme.  The Committee distributes Rs.50, 000/- on the death of such member to the legal nominee of the deceased member and also ensures the members for accidental death or an accidental injury.

Under the leadership of Late Shri Hirabhai A. Mehta a conference was arranged in which the Chief Justice of India Hon’ble Chief Justice Shri P.N. Bhagwati, and a Senior Advocate Shri Nali Fariman has graced the function.

Under the leadership of Shri C.H. Bhimani a very successful lawyer’s conference was organized. Abhay Bhardvaj national workshop was arranged. Hon’ble Chief Justice of India Shri K.G. Balakrishnan, Hon’ble Justice Shri C.K. Thakkar, Judge, Supreme Court, had grase of occassion.

Under the leadership of Shri Anilbhai Desai, New  Civil Court seven storied Building was inaugurated by Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi and Hon'ble Chief Justice Shri Meena.

In the year 2010 under the leadership of Shri Sanjay J. Vyas a workshop on a Criminal Subject was organized which was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Justice Shri S.J.Mukhopadhaya which was not only successful, but very well appreciated by the Hon’ble Chief Justice.

Politicians like Late Shri Chimanlal N. Shah, Late Shri Gajanandbhai Joshi, Late Shir Chimanbhai Shukla, present Finance Minister Shri Vajubhai Vala, Former Health Minister Shri Manoharsinhji Jadeja, Former Minister Umesh Rajyaguru minister of port, Former MP’s Ramjibhai and Ramaben Mavani, Shri Harkantbhai A.Manek  President Of Rajkot Nagar Palika. First Mayor of Rajkot city Shri Arvindbhai Maniar and Vinodbhai Sheth, First Lady Mayor Bhavnaben Joshipura, Vice Chancellor Of Sau. University Shri Kamlesh Joshipura, Pravinbhai Maniyar a senior most syndicate member Kalpak Trivedi a former Pro. Vice Chancellor, Saurashtra University. Hasubhai Dave, All India Presidents of BMS. And are some of them. In spite of the fact that these leaders belonging to various parties, the politics has not played any role in any activity of Association. There may be different opinions amongs its members but they unitedly stand in one unit when the interest of Bar is in question.

In sports the Rajkot Bar Association is on the top in the     cricket whether it is Ahmedmia Sheikh Trophy or any other trophy the team of Rajkot Bar Association would get a shield of champions or the runners up. “Late Shri N.P.Shah a running trophy” is floated by Shri Kamlesh Shah and his family in the memory of late Shri Natubhai Shah a Senior Member Of the association. Sanjay Vyas, L.L.Baraiya, Dipak Antani and Manish Khakhar were managing the cricket turnaments under such shields. “Shri Sonpal & Sonpal trophy is floated by Shri Kamal Sonpal and his family. Now, at present legal cell (B.J.P.) is organizing a cricket tournament.

Three members of this association Shri Kamlesh Raval, Shri Nitin Amrutia (Patil) and Shri Sunil Shukla had played and inter state, high court bar association tournament. Staff members Shri D.M.Jadeja, Shri Mahesh Acharya and Shri Dalpat Parmar are also the member of the team. Late Shri K.D.Jadeja a Ranji Trophy player was captain of the team. and Shri Suresh C. Doshi , a official Scorer of Saurashtra cricket association, a member of this association was willingly render his service as a scorer in the cricket tournament held by this association. Every Year a Chess and Carom Tournament are organize by the association. And Shri Jashubhai Karthiya And Nasir Bhai Hala etc. are Champions in chess and Shri Rajendra jani, Shri Devendra Sloanki, Shri Bhagirath Dodiya, Shri Nirav Pandya, Shri Rajehsh Mehta etc. are champions in carom.

In Bar council of Gujarat late advocate Shri B.D. Shukla and late advocate Shri P. N. Sonaji were elected as the member of the council in the beginning years, thereafter Shri N. S. Daftary from the year 1981, Shri N. S. Bhatt from the year 1986 and Shri Dilip Patel from the year 2005 are the members of Bar Council till today. Shri N. S. Bhatt had represented Bar Council of Gujarat as a member in Bar Council of India, and was elected as vice chairman of Bar Council of India. Shri Dilipbhai Patel was elected as Vice Chairman of Bar council of Gujarat for the year 2009-2010.

An advocate was arguing in a appeal before the High Court the judge who heard the appeal was not willing to admit the matter, the judge said “come with a better matter next time” advocate Shri H. P. Makkad replied "my lord this is the best", the entire court room break into laughter and hence I would be failing in my duty if I don’t mention his name who was crating the finest jokes during the lunch hours by which all the juniors and the Seniors members were relaxing themselves by hearing .

Second name which touched to my mind is of Shri H.I. Bhatt who had not asked a single adjournment during time period of practice and he was always ready with the matter at the same time he has never objected the other side asking for adjournment.

This association had roaring lions like late Shri M. G. Sindroja (Service Law) late Shri Jayantibhai Hathi and Vamanbhai Hathi (Land & Revenue Laws) Late Shri Chimanlal Nagardas Shah, Late Shri Sonpal Brothers, Late Shri N. O. Sheth, Late Shri Kripalshihji, Late Shri H.I.Bhatt, Late Shri N.B.Dave  Shri N. S. Daftary, Shri Abhay Bhardwaj (Sessions Trial), Shri B.B Gogia ( Service Law ), Shri D.R.Chaudhri , Shri M.K.Pal, Late Barrister Shri M. O. Vora, Barrister Shri C. L. Mehta,  Barrister Shri C. H. Bhimani ,Late Shri N.P.Doshi, Shri P.N. Doshi on the Civil Side are a few of them. Shri Sharadbhai Sonpal was master in all the subjects it is very difficult to get another person of that knowledge. Between the two brothers though Madhubhai Sonpal was junior he acted as a senior person to all the juniors who needed help, he would raise up at any time when any junior is fixed with a judge or a judge is not giving a proper hearing to any junior.He was an encyclopedia of all unreported judgments.

Myself, Shri M. C. Pandya, Shri R. M. Varotariya, L.J.Sahi, Shri H. M. Udani, Shri P. H. Kotecha, Shri Jayesh Doshi, Shri T.B.Gondaliya, Shri Sanjay Vyas (Railway Laws),Shri Haresh Dave, Shri C.H.Parekh, Shri Bipin H. Mehta, Shri B.B.Gogia, Shri B.R.Patel, J.R.Karthiya, Dipak Trivedi, Dipak Antani etc are the persons who have inherited the basic quality of an advocate like ethics, discipline, decorum, honesty, industry and above all the hard work from all the above mentioned senior persons. It is duty of all the members of the association to see that the brightness of the crown of Rajkot bar association never sees a down word trade and by passing of time it should grow more and more brighten. The trust of a client is basic requirement for a successful advocate and hard work would strengthen the trust of client that we should not forget. Let god help me to continue the same tradition for my junior friends.